Power Demand Management Control

It is a device capable of lowering the targeted maximum power demand and reducing consumers’ electric charges greatly without affecting consumers’ manufacturing process or quality of released products through integrated control by combining function of existing load-controlling type maximum demand power controller with battery system-based ESS. Designed to lower the maximum demand power to a fixed rate through the management of demand power, it enables consumer to receive benefits of reduced charges by signing up for various power load management rate systems with effective management of energy.
  • Smart Distribution Panel
  • Smart distribution panel with a function for the maximum power demand control
  • - 10 inch touch type main LCD screen

    - 15-min maximum demand power calculation

    - It uses ESS power for 15 minutes to achieve target power and remotely controls nonessential load, and blocks nonessential
    ones out of circuit breakers if it exceeds target power, and returns switches of circuit breaker, remote load and ESS in reverse order when it becomes target power or less.

    - Able to communicate with remote load controller and ESS through RS485 communication

    - Real-time monitoring of the status information of ESS

    - Decides whether to input saved energy based on the status information of ESS

    - User can configure target power.

  • Inside of Smart Distribution Panel
  • - Equipped with 3-phase and single-phase main circuit breaker (Currently single-phase circuit breaker is applied.)

    - Equipped with a main controlling device inside (Separate circuit breaker and filter are installed: Extra switch on the center of Smart Distribution Panel

    - RS485 communications connector and communications connector for connecting to outside and with digital watt-hour meter are placed in the center.

    - Main controlling device is designed to control power by the ON/OFF order by connecting earth leakage breaker with magnet in series.

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